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BINfinder and Credit Card Generator for Windows

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A BIN finder and international credit card number generator

BINfinder and Credit Card Generator is a tool that has two purposes. The first is that it allows you to enter your credit card details and then convert the numbers so that you may use the credit card on overseas checkouts through overseas servers. The second purpose is to give you information about BIN numbers, such as which bank the BIN number relates to. On the downside, BINfinder and Credit Card Generator claims it is free, but only the demo version is free, the full version requires a subscription.

Find information related to any Bank Identification Number (BIN, IIN, PAN) and generate International Credit Card Numbers

The most accurate and complete Bank Identification Number finder, International Credit Card Numbers generator and powerful validator tool (Luhn algorithm). Obtain information related to almost any credit card in the world such as: Country, currency, financial institution, schema (VISA, Master Card, Maestro, etc.), card length, BIN ranges, generate numbers in an efficient way. All this in a easy-to-use but powerful Windows application, try it FREE

Besides finding accurate information about BINs (Bank Identification Numbers) you can also:

+ Obtain BIN ranges according specific criteria: country, bank name, card schema (VISA, MASTER CARD).

+ Generate your own numbers.

+ Obtaining credit card numbers from more than 120 countries.

+ Validate any credit card by using the Luhn algorithm.

Our application is easy-to-use but powerful. You will find all the options you need properly organized, the database is updated constantly in our servers so you do not have to deal that. Every time you open the application you have the certitude you are obtain fresh information related to more than 8,000 financial institutions in the world, from more than 120 countries.


  • Fill in your credit card data gaps
  • Find out which country a buyer’s credit card is from
  • Use your credit cards with non-standard foreign checkouts
  • Get credit card information from over 120 countries


  • It is not free, only a demo
  • Relies heavily on their database being maintained
  • Financial information should come from your customers
  • Not useful for private citizens (non-business uses)

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BINfinder and Credit Card Generator


BINfinder and Credit Card Generator 2015 for PC

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